Smooth-On FlexFoam-iT! III, Gallon Set

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FlexFoam-iT!™ Series foams are premium quality water blown flexible foams that can be used for a variety of industrial, special effects and art & crafts and projects. With several to choose from, uses include making theatrical props (swords, knives, hammers, etc.), industrial gaskets, custom padding and cushioning, and more. SO-Strong™, UVO™ or IGNITE™ colorants can be added for color effects. Part A and B liquids are combined, mixed and poured into a mold or other form (apply release agent if necessary). Mixture will rise and cure quickly to a solid, flexible foam. Foams vary by density and offer good physical properties. FlexFoam-iT™ III is the lowest density foam and expands the most. Available in trial (2 pint) or gallon sets.

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Data At-A-Glance

Mix Ratio By Volume 1A:2B
Mix Ratio By Weight 57.5A:100B
Pot Life 35 seconds
Handling Time 25 minutes
Cure Time 2 hours
Specific Gravity 0.05 g/cc
Specific Volume 504 cu. in./lb.
Color White
Foam Density 3 lb/ft³
Expansion (approximate) 15 times
Mixed Viscosity 1,000 cps