"Structural Anatomy Basics Seminar"

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If you are looking to improve your skills in drawing or sculpting anatomical figures, this seminar is for you! This interactive discussion will be led by Gloria Nusse, world renowned scientific and forensic artist, author and anatomist.

  • You will learn about the underlying structures of the human body, including bones, muscles, and joints, and how they work together to create movement and form.
  • You'll also gain a deeper understanding of anatomical structure through its analysis and interpretation in art, allowing you to accurately depict the body in a variety of poses and perspectives.
  • Common anatomical mistakes will be addressed and participants will leave with a greater understanding of anatomy, a new way to look at the body and the ability to create more lifelike and realistic depictions of the human form. 

Whether you're an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, or a beginner looking to