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Short Stuff is a larger particle size and length variation form of our Fluff Stuff thickener. Short Stuff is fluffed and dried to a lesser degree, and as a result is also much denser in volume. This material works very similarly and looks very much like asbestos, but it's not toxic. When asbestos was essentially outlawed, it was necessary to find a substitute for many applications where a low cost fiber was needed. This material is made from polyethylene and although it doesn't have the fire resistant properties of asbestos, it retains all of the fibrous qualities. Use in everything from white glue to epoxy resin to achieve thickening and extending, as well as reinforcement and crack resistance.

SHORT STUFF can also be used in roof coatings, block fillers, stucco, cultured marble, adhesives, textured coatings, cement coatings, putties, mastics, industrial coatings, caulks, sealants, and more!

Because of their low density, only small percentages of SHORT STUFF fibers are required. Normally 1-2% by weight is all that is necessary.

Reduced Shrinkage: SHORT STUFF fibers do not absorb or swell in water or aliphatic solvents. Therefore, there is less shrinkage and cracking of the matrix during drying.

Crack Resistance: The addition of SHORT STUFF fibers will impart significant crack resistance. Finished products can acquire a ÒnailableÓ quality when a sufficient amount of SHORT STUFF is added.

- Short Stuff Properties:
- Color: White
- Average Fiber Length: around 2 mm.
- Fiber Diameter: 20 microns
- Surface area (m2/gm): 8

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