1.5 oz. Continuous Strand Mat, 42" Wide, Yard

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Continuous Strand Mat is a randomly orientated fiber that is most commonly used in closed molding applications such as, vacuum infusion processing, resin transfer molding, cold molding, and compression molding. This material is advantageous in filling the mold cavity in closed molding processes.

This material provides the strongest and toughest reinforcement for mother molds and castings made with FGR-95 and other gypsum cements. Fibers are twice as thick, and roll is twice is wide as other options. If you want your molds and casting to be very tough and last, consider this material. 1.5 oz continuous strand mat is 60" wide, and designed for lamination reinforcement with FGR-95. 1.5 oz weight per square foot, sold by the linear yard. Make it strong, and do it right the first time!