3D Lite, 24"X36", 7 mm. thick

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3D LITE is the latest innovation from the manufacturers of Varaform. Sold in flat, rigid sheets, 3D LITE is an open weave, low temperature thermoplastic used for making lightweight props, masks, costumes, and other special fx uses. It can also be used for mother mold support structures for body casting and rubber mold making. When heated to 160 degrees using hot water, heat gun, or steam iron, 3D LITE will soften allowing for custom molding over your form.

The open structure of 3D LITE gives an airy and comfortable material for the user that is NON-Toxic and user friendly. 3D-LITE is woven three-dimensionally to provide stretch in only one direction, rigidity in all directions, optimum draping and moldability. 3D-LITE offers less weight and more breathability than high temperature plastics and no shrinkage.