3in X 5yd Plaster Gauze

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This is the same thing the doctor wrapped your broken arm in when you fell off of your bicycle as a kid. We sell it here for use not only as a mother mold making medium for alginates and Moulage, but also as a mold making/impression making material. Just lubricate the surface of the body part you want to cast with petroleum jelly or shortening, dip this stuff into water and apply it. It works best if you cut it into small strips before you start, or you can use it in the full length rolls if you're going to wrap the part you're casting. Also known as plaster bandages.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 8in X 5yd
  • 6in X 5yd
  • 4in X 5yd
  • 3in X 5yd