Bluetex, 2 Gallons

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**FREEZE WARNING**: We do not recommend ordering latex to be shipped in the months between October and April because of the risk of freezing in transit. If you order this product during one of those months, you are acknowledging you understand the risk for frozen product and are assuming that risk if the product arrives frozen/damaged.

Bluetex is a new technology natural rubber mold making latex formulation. Bluetex is pale blue in color, and is offered as a new alternative to our Latex 74 for making production molds for casting portland and gypsum cements. Bluetex contains an internal mold release, which provides the ability to obtain multiple castings of concrete without requiring the application of mold release agents, and also provides improved abrasion resistance. Simply mist the Bluetex mold with water prior to pouring cement. Bluetex also offers improved aging of the latex mold, better resistance to sunlight, and with