Bonding Resin, 1 Quart

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This is an unwaxed, general purpose polyester and is used mainly for forming laminates with various types of fiberglass fabrics and fillers. Being unwaxed simply means that there is no preparation necessary to enable one layer to adhere to the next when laminating. In our business, we recommend it as a basic building block for making a wide variety of casting materials as well; i.e. cold casting. By blending with various metal powders, mineral or wood fillers, it is possible to enhance this rather mundane material to simulate everything from bronze to terrazzo. There are a couple of exceptions though; never mix with redwood sawdust, pure copper powder or the umber pigments. These materials have a tendency to either accelerate or inhibit the cure of polyester resins. INCLUDES: 1/2 oz. MEKP POLYESTER CATALYST

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