Buddy Rhodes GFRC Blended Mix, 10 lbs.

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GFRC Pre-blended Concrete Mix can be sprayed, poured, pressed, or troweled. Fibers are not pre-blended into GFRC mix, so you can select the fiber combination and load rate that suits your needs. There are also no larger aggregates in the mix, making it an ideal base to add decorative aggregates to, or to build a specific custom recipe from. The mix can be used to create many different looks; from a clean, almost machined finish to one with beautiful depth and movement.

GFRC Preblended uses all white ingredients, naturally curing to a bone white. The mix can be pigmented and has all the necessary high-performance ingredients preblended, including curing polymer, such that only water and necessary reinforcement need to be added. The workability of the mix can be changed with the