Buddy Rhodes Water Reducer 205, 30 lb. Bag

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Water Reducer 205 is a powdered polycarboxylate based plasticizer and pozzolan blend. It is a dry, white, multi-component material that can also replace pozzolan in certain mix designs. Ideal for use in GFRC face and backer coats, or as a water reducer in any concrete formulation. This unique blend offers both water reducing capability as well as pozzolanic benefits, improving the workability, strength and durability of concrete.

Dosage Rate: 0.5 - 10% of Cement Weight

Water Reducer 205 has a wide range of dosage rates, depending on the application and mix. In GFRC face coats, use the lower end of the dosage range, typically 2-6 grams per 1 lb. (0.45 kg) of cement used. In wetcast mixes, dosage ra