Buddy Rhodes Water Reducer 205, 30 lb. Bag

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Water Reducer 205 is a powdered polycarboxylate based plasticizer and pozzolan blend. It is a dry, white, multi-component material that can also replace pozzolan in certain mix designs. Ideal for use in GFRC face and backer coats, or as a water reducer in any concrete formulation. This unique blend offers both water reducing capability as well as pozzolanic benefits, improving the workability, strength and durability of concrete.

Dosage Rate: 0.5 - 10% of Cement Weight

Water Reducer 205 has a wide range of dosage rates, depending on the application and mix. In GFRC face coats, use the lower end of the dosage range, typically 2-6 grams per 1 lb. (0.45 kg) of cement used. In wetcast mixes, dosage ranges can approach 10% of the cement weight. The ultimate indicator of an overdosage of plasticizer is segregation of the mix. Make test batches prior to production to ensure optimum dosage.

Water Reducer 205 is 10% as potent as Water Reducer 310.

(Formerly SuperSealz)

Adding Water Reducers will increase workability of concrete mixes that have a low water to cement ratio. Maintaining a low water to cement ratio is critical for reaching optimal strength in the cured matrix.

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