Sculpt Nouveau Clear Metal Wax, All Metals, 2 oz.

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The finest quality waxes have been blended into a nonabrasive formula specifically to protect patinas and metal finishes. These waxes contain UV inhibitors and hardeners making them incredibly durable and long lasting on all types of metal.

Metal Wax is available in 2oz., 8oz., and 16oz. sizes. One gallon of Metal Wax generally covers 300 sq. ft. per coat.

General Tips:

The Metal Waxes may be applied to warm or cold surfaces. They should not be applied to extremely hot surfaces.

Smooth down any ridges or bumps during application. Stippling with a brush may be the preferred method of application so as to not create streaking on the surface. Try not to let the clear wax fill up in any recessed areas as it may turn opaque when dry. Build up in recessed areas is commonly desirable with the colored waxes.

Burnish the finish