Dermagel, 15 lbs.

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Our Dermagel brand body casting alginate is a great general purpose product that can be used for a wide variety of body molding and casting techniques. Easy to use, Dermagel is a powder that is simply mixed with water to form a firm gel in a matter of minutes. This and the fact that it captures fine skin detail makes it ideal for body casting of all kinds. Brush it on for large body parts such as torsos or faces and support it with plaster gauze, or immerse a hand or a foot into a container of this material to make a quick mold for casting various kinds of plasters, waxes and some plastics. Safe to use on skin as well as all kinds of other surfaces, Dermagel sets in eight to twelve minutes to form a highly detailed mold. By using all food grade ingredients, we have formulated a skin safe, economical material that is hard to beat. This is the 1 pound container, which is about 48 ounces (by volume) of Dermagel powder. Available in 1 lb., 5 lb., and 15 lb. containers.