Dermasil, 1/2 Pint Set

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This compound is a brushable silicone RTV material that can be brushed directly onto the skin for making molds from life. The only drawback is that Dermasil may have a tendency to stick to hair and it may be best to shave the area to be molded or apply a liberal film of petroleum jelly before proceeding. The advantage of Dermasil over the gelatin type mold making compounds is that number one the mold may be kept indefinitely, and number two a Dermasil mold will allow you to cast all of the various plastic compounds, waxes as well as gypsum cements into the same mold. Easy to use 1:1 ratio by volume. Available in (2)x1/2 pint, 2 pint, 2 quart and 2 gallon sets.