Ease Release 2300, 1 Case

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*1 case contains 12 cans

We try to keep things simple by providing the most versatile mold release agents available but the Ease Release 2300 seemed necessary to fill a gap in our current offering. We are currently selling a wide variety of polyurethane foams and have had numerous requests for an aerosol release for these materials. Ease Release 2300 will fill that bill, and allow the urethane foams to be cast into a wide variety of mold materials. The 2300 must be thoroughly removed before finishing your cast part.

Special Shipping Notes: This product is classified as "Restricted" by the DOT. This means that this product can only be shipped via UPS Ground Service. TIP: If you are ordering other items that need to be shipped via a faster service, consider placing all "Restricted" items on one order and all other items on another order with faster shipping.