StrongBond Epoxy Wood Filler, 2 Pint Kit

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STRONGBOND EPOXY WOOD FILLER is a two-component, rapid-curing, high-strength epoxy wood filler and multi-purpose repair adhesive. Its non-sag formula fills voids left by dry-rot, restoring strength and shape to damaged wood. The Filler creates a high-strength, chemical bond to STRONGBOND EPOXY WOOD SEALER, making repairs to dry-rotted wood last longer. This product also is an excellent multi-purpose adhesive. It will bond to most surfaces, such as brick, ceramic tile, concrete, fiberglass, or stone.

  • 1 Quart Kit
  • Kit contains 16 oz. Part A and 16 oz. Part B (for 1:1 mix ratio)
  • Epoxy resin bonding for dry-rot repair. Fills voids le