Flesh Ultraflex, Soft, 1 Quart

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Ultraflex is the most amazingly stretchable, flexible water clear rubber compound we've ever seen. Ultraflex comes in an oatmeal like granule form, which can be melted much like the vinyl materials in an electric frying pan or other device set at 350 degrees Farenheit. We offer a Soft (00-16 durometer), Medium (00-24 durometer), & Firm (00-36 durometer) in Clear.

Soft and Medium are also available in a Flesh color. All are amazingly elastic and the soft is incredibly convincingly flesh-like (has to be felt to be believed). Can be pigmented, and for best results dust with talc or baby powder to overcome a slight inherent stickiness. Ultraflex is also reusable/re-meltable. Think stretchy!