Flexible Slip, 1 Gallon

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**FREEZE WARNING**: We do not recommend ordering latex to be shipped in the months between October and April because of the risk of freezing in transit. If you order this product during one of those months, you are acknowledging you understand the risk for frozen product and are assuming that risk if the product arrives frozen/damaged.

This is a great product and it's low tech too. Sometimes called mannequin rubber, flexible slip consists of a mixture of latex rubber and clay and is slip cast into plaster molds to create hollow, light weight , tough parts. This material air dries to the consistency of hard leather. May be painted with acrylic paints. It's fantastic for making things like puppet heads, and display items. Because of the danger of freeze damage we won't ship outside of California from the end of October through the end of April (unless you're willing to take the risk and pay for it first).