Sculpt Nouveau Hydro Clear, Satin, Quart

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Sculpt Nouveau Hydro Clear is a non-hazardous, two-part, water based polyurethane for bronze, brass, copper, steel, wood, terracotta, ceramics, concrete, and more. It provides outstanding clarity and protection for your toughest jobs. Hydro Clear resists UV light, salt air environments, abrasions, and most stains and chemicals. It makes an excellent anti-graffiti coating. We recommend it for all applications, especially for exterior metal and well-used areas such as countertops.

Apply one wet coat of Hydro Clear with a sprayer, roller, brush for maximum durability. Only plan to apply two coats if you are using a cloth. Hydro Clear has no odor and cleans up with soap and water. It will adhere to polished surfaces and will not tarnish the surface of metal. Cure time is 24 hours for scratch resistance.

One quart of Hydro Clear generally covers 62.5 square feet.

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