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Varaform is essentially a cotton mesh impregnated with a low temperature thermoplastic that can be heated in boiling water or with dry heat from a heat gun. Once softened, Varaform is draped over a form and pressed into place to adopt the shape of that form. When cooled the now rigid form can be removed and trimmed, decorated and enhanced with other materials. Used for making theatre props and costumes this material is non toxic and reusable, which makes it economical as well. All of the trimmed parts from a formed piece of Varaform can be pieced together into a larger piece and reheated to form into a completely different shape. This is the Light Varaform which comes in a roll approximately 40 inches wide. We have found that if one wants to add color to any of the Varaform products, it is just a matter of adding some fabric dye to the water being used to heat these products. The dye seems to be permanently infused into the thermoplastic and does not rub off.