Sculpt Nouveau Liver of Sulfur, 2 oz.

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Liver of Sulfur is sold as a powder in 2oz., 4oz., and 16oz. sizes by weight. 

Liver of Sulfur is the classic darkening patina for bronze, brass, and copper. Depending on the surface, the strength of the solution, and the application method, it will produce a golden brown to a burgundy black patina. It is most commonly used as a base patina to increase contrast between light and dark areas. Liver of Sulfur may be used hot or cold and must be water rinsed to stop the reaction. To create the patina, combine 1 tsp. with 1 pint of distilled water. The solution will deteriorate rapidly so it is recommended to only mix enough for a day or so. Unused chunks should be sealed and stored in a cool, dry, and dark location.