Magic-Sculpt, 2 Gallon set

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We've looked at a number of these over the years and feel that this really is the best on the market. Magic-Sculpt is an epoxy clay that consists of an A component and a B component and when the two of them are kneaded together, the resulting mix becomes a soft, pliable modeling compound that self hardens. Working time will vary somewhat depending on the ambient temperature, but generally is two to three hours.

When this stuff hardens, it is like bone, and the nice part about using it is that it can be smoothed with water like a water based clay, that is until it sets. May be added to in the cured state and when hardened may be sanded, cut, drilled or filed. When you want to make a permanent model out of a clay-like material but don't want to fire it or cast it, this is the material to use. May be finished with any kind of paint. Because it is an epoxy, we recommend that you wear gloves when you use it to avoid sensitization of your skin.