Contour Soft, 2 lb. brick

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Contour™ Clay (an updated variation of Monu-Melt™ clay) is a precision sculpting medium that shapes, smooths, and carves easily to hold exceptional surface detail. Contour™ clay can be hand sculpted or tooled and applied to armatures of any size from tiny miniatures to giant monuments and memorials. Contour™ clays also scale up beautifully without sacrificing crisp edges or quality. The warm gray color helps facilitate viewing profile lines and surface textures when sculpting. Ultra-Fine detailing is most effective with room temperature clay (72°F/23°C).

Due to its higher temperature resistance, the Contour™ Series will resist deformation when working in warmer studio environments for year-round sculpting projects. When softened this clay series has a buttery smooth consistency similar to sulfur-clays, but remains silicone friendly for moldmaking. Warmed Contour™ clay is easily spread or troweled onto carved EPS foam and mixed material armatures for use as a shapeable coating.