Oxide Red Mixol, 500 ml.

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If you're making paint of one sort or another and you need a pigment that is easy to mix into that medium, Mixol can fill the bill. These are pigments with broad compatibility, (i.e. will mix with a lot of different binders). In fact, we've used them in polyester resin, epoxy resin, latex rubber, acrylic paint, varnish, and even plaster. About the only thing they probably won't work in is polyurethane resins and elastomers, and maybe silicones. Mixol Colors are available in three different sizes, 20 ml, 200 ml and 500 ml. From the list below you can see that the Mixol comes in a large variety of colors including some "designer" colors. Generally, the Mixol pigments are more finely ground and the intensity and strength of these pigments is greater than that of the Cal-Tints.

In the color chart below, the heading number correspond to the part number of the product. Example: Our