Petrolatum, 5 Gallons

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One of those products which has found use as the universal release agent. (Commonly called "Vaseline"-another one of those trade names that is used like a generic name.) May be used as a pattern release when pouring or applying polyurethane and silicone RTV's onto a variety of substrates. Use straight from the container, or thin with paint thinner or naphtha at a 10 to 1 ratio.

Is also used as a release agent when making plaster molds. The biggest problem is that it leaves a greasy film which may need to be removed with paint thinner. Do NOT use with latex rubber molds! May also be used as a modifier for a variety of waxes, simply by melting and blending with hot wax.

*Please note the picture is of a 1 gallon bucket, but this SKU is for 5 gallons.