Silputty, 2 Pint Set

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Silputty is a rapid set 45 shore A two-part pale green silicone putty which, when mixed 1:1 by volume cures to a firm, flexible rubber in approximately 15 minutes. Silputty is temperature sensitive, which means that if it's warm, it will cure fast; if it's cold it will cure slower. This product is also easily inhibited by specific materials such as sulfur-containing clays, some polyurethanes and even some silicones, so we recommend that you test first if you're in doubt about compatibility with your model surface. Silputty may be used for casting all of the thermoset plastics, waxes, cements an even low melt metal alloys. Refer to data sheet for specific instructions. Available in 1/2 pint, 2 pint, 2 quart and 2 gallon sets.