Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 326, 2 Gallon Set

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These are special ones. Not exactly water white /water clear, but transparent nonetheless and you will find these useful when you want to make your castings a masstone as compared to a pastel. Most of the other urethane resins we carry (Insta-Cast, etc.) are opaque and generally white or off white by nature. So, if you want your castings to be navy blue instead of baby blue, use this material and you can use the same pigment to achieve those deep colors. The 326 is the slower setting version if you need a little more working time. Works pretty well as a medium for cold metal casting too! Smooth Cast 326 has a 7-9 minute pot life, 60 minute cure, has a 72D shore hardness, and is translucent amber. Smooth Cast 326 is available in trial (1.9 lb.) sets and 2 gallon (15 lb.) sets.