Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 60D, 2 Gallon Set

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Low cost, semi-rigid urethane casting resin. New Formulations, New Look! Smooth-Cast 60D is newly reformulated with a translucent white appearance and improved physical properties. All Smooth-Cast semi rigids are now mercury-free and phthalate-free. Low viscosity, and fast setting! These semi-rigid plastics are virtually unbreakable and offer exceptional abrasion resistance. Suitable for making impact resistance prototypes, abrasion resistant parts, climbing holds, foundry patterns, roller facings, vibration pads, etc. Smooth Cast 60D has a 5 minute pot life, 30 minute cure, has a shore 60D hardness, and is translucent white in color. Smooth Cast 60D is available in trial (2.07 lb.) sets and 2 gallon (16.6 lb.) sets.