Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 65D, 2 Gallon Set

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Smooth Cast 65D (formerly called Smooth Cast Roto) is a low-cost, semi-rigid (65 Shore D) white urethane casting resin which cures quickly to a semi-rigid plastic that offers excellent impact resistance. Smooth Cast 65D has a unique gradual cure profile that makes it ideal for rotational casting applications. Smooth cast 65D can be cast hollow or filled with foam for lightweight reinforcement. These semi-rigid plastics will really take a beating and offer exceptional abrasion resistance. They are good for making high-impact resistance tools, prototypes, abrasion resistant parts, foundry patterns, roller facings, vibration pads, fast concrete stamping pads, etc. Smooth Cast 65D is mixed 1A:1B by volume, has a 2.5 min. pot life, a 10-15 min. cure time, and is white in color. Smooth-Cast 65D is available in trial sets and 2 gallon set