Snakeskyn, 5 Gallons

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Snakeskyn is a clear, flexible, high gloss, waterborne urethane coating medium. Snakeskyn can solve many difficult painting problems, such as painting flexible materials like flexible urethane foam, latex rubber, as well as some urethane rubber products. Not only will Snakeskyn adhere well, it will also flex with the underlying substrate. May require surface preparation for best adhesion.
Add various kinds of dry pigments, dispersed tints, or dyes for a variety of colored effects. Dilute and clean up with tap water. Snakeskyn finds use for coating fabric, foam props, and is ideal for the prop and special effect artist. If a hard coating is desired, consider our Tortoise Shell waterborne urethane coating.

*the picture shows 1 gallon, but this SKU is for 5 gallons