Smooth-On TASK 8, Trial Set

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Task 8 is a heat resistant polyurethane casting resin used to make prototype models and high impact solid castings. Task series plastics are a new generation of performance urethane casting resins that offer superior physical properties compared to general purpose casting resins. Task 8 resin features low viscosity (100 cps), high tensile & compressive strength, and exhibits high heat resistance, up to 263F/129C. Mix ratio is one to one by volume. Color: Off-White. Shore D Hardness is 80. TASK 8 is available in trial (2.2 lb.) sets and 2 gallon 16.5 lb.) sets.

Data At-A-Glance

Mix Ratio By Volume 1A:1B
Mix Ratio By Weight 120A:100B
Pot Life 2.5 minutes
Cure Time 15 minutes
Shore Hardness 80 D
Specific Gravity 1.09 g/cc
Specific Volume 25.4 cu. in./lb.
Color Off-White
Elongation @ Break 4 %
Tensile Strength 5,840 psi
Tensile Modulus 246,000 psi
Flexural Strength 8,280 psi
Flexural Modulus 271,000 psi
Compressive Strength 8,760 psi
Heat Deflection Temp 194 °F
Heat Deflection With Post Cure 263 °F
Compressive Modulus 77,400 psi
Shrinkage 0.01 in. / in.
Mixed Viscosity 100 cps

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