Varaform Gauze, yard

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This material is a relative newcomer to the Varaform family and is basically a thin cotton fabric impregnated with low temperature thermoplastic. It has a consistency much like parchment paper, but when it is heated it is malleable like all of the other thermoplastics. It is also somewhat adhesive and as a result it works well to fill in the gaps on the surface of both the Light and Heavy Varaform if one wants a solid surface. Like the other Varaform products, Varaform Gauze is also reusable and non-toxic. We have found that if one wants to add color to any of the Varaform products, it is just a matter of adding some fabric dye to the water being used to heat these products. The dye seems to be permanently infused into the thermoplastic and does not rub off.

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